The group of private Russian geophysical companies “Tellur”

Application of geophysical and geochemical methods to prospecting for concealed low-sulfide PGE deposits: Area in North - West Russia

Combined map of magnetic field (filled contours) and differential polarizability (line graphs)

Map of differential polarizability(filled contours and line graphs)

Prediction of ore bodies and estimation of inferred resources

Lenth - 2800 m
Width - 800 m
Depth - 70 m
Volume content of electroconductive inclusions - 7%
Total mass of electroconductive inclusions - 28 537 600 t
Probable reserves of metals:
Pt +Pd - 234 t
Cu+Ni+Co - 60,000 t

3-D geomagnetic model (various views)

Results of geophysical exploration (IP and magnetic survey) and geochemical exploration (MASF, standard soil geochemistry, basal till geochemistry, and athmogeochemistry) with geologic cross-section along the line of surveying