The group of private Russian geophysical companies “Tellur”

2D Relief

2D Overvolt 1.22
Plot 1.

2D Overvolt 1.22
Plot 2.

As a result of program run, positions of all objects, plotted by means of program 2D Overvolt, are changed according to the given relief. Vertical dipping layers are rotated in accordance to slop angles of the surface in corresponding points.

A new geophysical model, modified according to the surface relief, is shown on Plot 1.

This new geoelectrical model can be saved in format .bmp or .jpg. The program also makes it possible to digitize this model and to write results in text file. While treating several sequential lines of surveying, it is possible to get a summarized digital file for the survey area and then create a pseudo-three- dimensional imaging of geophysical objects, as shown on the . Plot 2.