The group of private Russian geophysical companies Tellur

Our Customers in Russia and abroad

More than for 25 years we have been working with well-known mining and exploration companies. For last years, among our Customers of exploration works for precious and base metals in different territories of Russian Federation, mainly in Eastern Siberia and North-Western Russia, have been well-known Russian companies Severstal-Resources, NordGold MMC Norilsk Nickel, Polymetal, Mangazeya Mining, Tardan Gold, Zapadnaya Gold Mining Ltd and others. Brief information about works, performed by TELLUR abroad Russia, you can see in the table.

Geophysical surveying in Liberia (2009)

Electrical IP exploration in Namibia (2007)

Geophysical and geochemical prospecting

in Andes, Peru (2008)

Geological sampling in Republic of South Africa (2010)

Geochemical sampling in Tanzania (2018)

Electrical prospecting in Tanzania (2018)

Exploration works carried out by TELLUR
in foreign countries

Country Client companyYear(s) Mineral deposits searched or explored
Morocco Sokomis1994 Cu
(porphyry copper ores)
Angola Zarubezhgeologiya2002 Kimberlite pipes ( diamonds ),
Angola Zarubezhgeologiya2003 Kimberlite pipes ( diamonds ), Au
Namibia Namslavic2002 - 2008 Kimberlite pipes ( diamonds ), Au
PGE, Ta, Nb
Egypt National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics2006 Regional forecasting of Au-bearing objects on the base of satellite slides decoding and interpretation
Guinea International Diamond Group (IDG)2006 Kimberlite pipes (diamonds)
Guinea SRK Consulting2007 Kimberlite bodies (diamonds) and diamond-bearing placers
MozambiqueOBB Maria Limitada2008 Rare metals (Be, Li, Ta, Nb), industrial minerals and gems (in pegmatites); Au
PeruSociedad Minera Baya S.R.L.2007 - 2008 Au
PeruHochschild Mining PLC2008 Au,Ag
PeruPan American Silver Peru S.A.C.2008 Zn,Pb,Au,Ag
PeruVolcan Compania Minera S.A.A.2008 Cu,Zn,Pb,Au,Ag
MexicoPrivate Client2009 Forecasting of Mn ores on the base of satellite slides decoding and interpretation
LiberiaAmLib United Minerals2009 Au (veins and placers)
Zimbabwe"Goldbase Capital" Ltd2010 Au (placers)
Republic of South Africa"Alfa Prospecting and Mining Company" Pty Ltd2010 Diamond-bearing placers and kimberlite bodies
GuatemalaCompania Guatemalteca de Niquel (CGN)2012 - 2013 Ni (lateritic nickel ores)
ArmeniaVallex Group2010 - 2013 Cu, Mo, Au, Ag
ArmeniaLV Gold Mining2016Au
ArmeniaLichkvaz JSC2017 Au
TanzaniaRamani Investment Ltd2018-2019Au