The group of private Russian geophysical companies “Tellur”

Generators for electrical prospecting TLG-1000 and TLT-1000

Generators for electrical prospecting TLT-1000  and TLG-1000 Generators for electrical prospecting TLT-1000  and TLG-1000  

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Generators are an instruments for geophysical prospecting by means IP, Resistivity and Excitation-at-the-mass methods.These generators produce alternate polarity impulses to transmit them into grounded electrical supply line АВ. The current forms in the line АВ alternate polarity impulses with pauses between them (mode RPI-2) or without pauses (mode RPI-1). A value of the current can be automatically stabilized.Generators provide these conditions when the total resistance of the supply line AB (consisting of the resistance wire and grounding resistances lines A and B) in the range 25 - 1000 Om.

Commutation mode current and adaptation to changing load resistance: automatic.

The current in the line AB is reflected in the digital display. Operating current values from 0.1 to 2 A. The current value can be stabilized.

Electric generators have full protection on the output (short circuit, open circuit) and have the opportunity to work at any load (capacitance, inductance, resistance, in any combination).

Technical characteristics

Frequency conversion100 Hz10 kHz
Output voltage20 - 500 V50 - 600 V
Output current0.1 – 2 A0.1 – 2 A
Output power up to1000 W1000 W
AC frequency0.038 – 4.88 Hz0.038 – 4.88 Hz
Alternate polarity pulse duration100 ms – 13.1 s100 ms – 13.1 s
Maintain the accuracy of the frequency and duration of pulses+/- 3*10-8+/- 3*10-8
Precision current regulation is not worse +/- 1.5 % +/- 1.5 %
Temperature interval :
Work-20/+40 °С.-20/+40 °С.
Storage0/+40 °С. 0/+40 °С.
Size260*115*220 mm 260*115*220 mm
Weight3 kg3 kg

Source power circuit is a gasoline unit capacity of 1.8 - 2.3 kW. Supplied on request.Time-frequency range can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Delivery package includes:

  1. Generator;
  2. Synchronisation cable;
  3. Power supply cable;
  4. Ballast resistance;
  5. Packing container;
  6. User's manual