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IP Impulse Measuring Instrument TLR-IP-003

IP Impulse Measuring Instrument TLR-IP-003

TLR-IP-003 is an ideal instrument for field geophysical surveying by means of IP, Resistivity and Excitation-at-the-mass methods of electrical prospecting. This measuring instrument can be applied to solving various geophysical problems in geological engineering, hydrogeology and mineral exploration. The instrument is properly certified.

TLR-IP-003 is an ideal instrument for field geophysical surveys by IP, resistivity and charge methods in exploration works of different stages and solving problems of hydrogeology and engineering geology, and for underground geiphycical investigations as well. The instrument is properly certified.

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Principal functional possibilities:

  • Receiving line measurements during both impulse and pause times.
  • Industrial noise 50 Hz and 100 Hz suppression.
  • Automatic compensation of constant and linear changing input voltage
  • Recording measurement data into internal memory for their further transmission to computer.
  • Automatic control of measurement quality (measurement process is completed when the program established accuracy is accomplished).
  • Express looking through data being obtained is available.
  • Real time calculation of basic parameters:( Rк, ηк, ηd).
  • Wireless synchronization of TLR-IP-003 with TLT-800, or TLT-30 means of using internal precise clock. Wire synchronization with other types of generator is also available.
  • Friendly interface (menu system, 40-symbol LCD, and keyboard).
  • Internal real time clock

Technical characteristics

Impulse and pause duration 0.41 – 13.1 s
Number of strobes 4 – 14
Times of strobe centers, S 0.1; 0.141; 0,2; 0.283; 0.4; 0.565; 0.8; 1.13; 1.6; 2.26; 3.2; 4.53; 6.4; 9.05
Basic measurement accuracy +/- 1%
Noise suppression 50 Hz and 100 Hz 120 db
Input resistance 5 МОм
SP compensation +/- 1.2 V(automatic)
Synchronizing clock accuracy 3*10-8 с
Duration of autonomic functioning after synchronization 10 h
Power supply voltage from DC source 10-14 V
Average power consumption <0.16 W
Temperature interval:-0/+50 °С
Size230*140*120 мм
Weight2 кг

The generator can be produced and delivered on request of the customer.

Delivery package includes:

  1. TLR-IP-003 instrument ;
  2. Packing bag;
  3. Charge unit;
  4. Accumulator (2 units);
  5. Cable to transfer data into computer;
  6. Software for preprocessing and transferring data to computer.TLM 1.6 Program
  7. User's manual and other documentation