The group of private Russian geophysical companies “Tellur”

IP Frequency Measuring Instrument TLR-IPF-010

TLR-IPF-010 is an instrument for field geophysical surveys by IP.The basic principle underlying the work of this device is the detailed measurement of the electrical signal emitted by the generator and further calculation of the phase shift between the frequencies, received from the line MN voltage, and generator at frequencies of 1.22 and 0.61 Hz. Phase shift at any frequency is very stable parameter. And in time-domain measurements field of induced polarizability corresponds to the integral parameter called " charging properties ." To implement this algorithm device is synchronized by running the generator at the beginning of work and it produces 4096 voltage measurements during each current pulse .

Given the number of measurement strobes allows to calculate the phase shift with an accuracy of + - .04 degrees. Measurements are made continuously during both positive and negative pulses during the current according to the number of accumulations, selected on the basis of the noise level in the work area . Measuring channel device built on the principle of alternating voltage meter that will get rid of any standing and slowly varying voltages at the input and significantly increase the sensitivity and noise immunity of the device , as well as the use of metal electrodes , which significantly increases the performance of areal survey .The main purpose of the measuring instrument is a field geophysical surveys by IP and resistivity methods.Use of the frequency domain (AC) of IP method allows to keep field geophysical surveys much faster and with the required accuracy. This device can also be used in geophysical surveys excitation-at-the-mass method with measurement of alternating current signal sign . Devices are used only with generators series TLT or TLG company " Tellur " having highly stable quartz oscillators and last setting in the laboratory of " Tellur ."

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Technical characteristics

Operating frequencies, Hz1.22, 0.61
Amount of gates per pulse current4096
Basic error calculation of the phase shift at the operating frequency, Grad+/- 0.4
Voltage measuring range0.2 mkV - 10 V
Elimination noise 50 and 150 Hz at least, dB80
Bandwidth, Hz (at 0.7 level)8
Input impedance, Мом2
ROM size (physical points)3600
ADC (bits)16
Displaymatrix 64x128
Precision of sync clock, s0.3*10-8
Battery life meter after synchronization, h8
Computer interfaceUSB
Voltage from a DC source, V9 - 14
Average power consumption is not more than, W0.16
Size, mm230*140*120
Weight, kg2

Delivery package includes :

  1. TLR-IPF-010 instrument;
  2. Packing bag;
  3. Charge unit;
  4. Accumulator (2 units);
  5. Cable to transfer data into computer;
  6. Calibration cable from the generator;
  7. User's manual and other documentation