The group of private Russian geophysical companies “Tellur”

Measuring Instrument AC voltage by the resistance method and the method of stray currents of industrial frequency of 50 Hz TLR-AC-020

Two-channel Measuring Instrument TLR-AC- 020 is designed for field geophysical surveys by resistance method as well as for solving structural and engineering geology by stray currents of industrial frequency of 50 Hz. When you use the method of resistance meter can be used with any Electroprospecting generator having a frequency of 4.88 Hz (mode RPI-1). Interface device adapted to work with the following arrays : median gradient ( SG ) , vertical electrical sounding (VES ) , point electrical sounding (TEZ ) , a symmetric profiling (SP) . Field measurement of stray currents of industrial frequency 50Hz involves performing work as profiling method ( with one or two receiving lines ) and measurement of variations of this field (VR) . Interval taking counts when measuring variations set programmatically .

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Technical characteristics

Operating frequencies, Hz4.88 и 50
Amount of gates per pulse current400
Basic error calculation*, %1
Range voltage measurement with an accuracy of 1%10 mkV - 10 V
Voltage measuring range with greater error (1%)0.1 mkV - 10 mkV
Elimination noise 50 and 150 Hz at least, dB (at a frequency of 4.88 Hz)70
Bandwidth, Hz (at 0.7 level)+/- 5% of the operating frequency
Input impedance at least, Mom2
ROM size (physical points)3000
ADC (bits)16
Battery life meter, h8
Computer interfaceUSB
Voltage from a DC source, V9 - 14
Average power consumption is not more than, W0.12
Size, mm230*140*120
Weight, kg2

* According to the formula of the relative error.

Provided :

  • Variable number of accumulations depending on the noise level in the region of work, installed programmatically.
  • Ability to set the number of program channels for method SG. With the rest arrays work is done in single channel mode.
  • Possibility of quick viewing measurement results on LCD display matrix 64x128, in real time
  • Convenient for the operator interface (menu system controlled using the LCD display and keypad).
  • For VES mode meter displays the measured voltage and the value of the Rk.
  • Built-in real-time clock.

Delivery package includes:

  1. TLR-AC- 020 instrument ;
  2. Packing bag;
  3. Charge unit;
  4. Accumulator (2 units);
  5. Cable to transfer data into computer;
  6. Software for preprocessing and transferring data to computer.
  7. User's manual and other documentation