The group of private Russian geophysical companies Tellur

About Us

TELLUR Group of Companies includes three interrelated companies:

  • "Tellur SPb" Limited Liability Company ("Tellur SPb" L.L.C.) - former J.S.C.; 1st of 3 companies, established in 1992
  • "Tellur Nord-West" Limited Liability Company ("Tellur NW" L.L.C.)
  • "Tellur North-East" Limited Liability Company ("Tellur N-E" L.L.C.)

TELLUR is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, a member of the Gold Producers' Union of Russia, and a member of the Russian Sudanese Business Council.

Main activities

TELLUR, a group of service companies, provides exploration services using leading-edge technologies developed or updated by our experts.

TELLUR offers services for green field exploration, prefeasibility and mine planning projects.

TELLUR has highly experienced staff.

We mainly perform on-ground prospecting and exploration for

  • Precious metals (Au, Ag, PGE)
  • Base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni, Co, etc.)
  • Rare metals (Nb, Ta, Be, etc.)
  • Diamonds
  • Industrial minerals (quartz, mica and ceramic pegmatites, etc.)

TELLUR has 75-85 percent success rate in indentifying deeply seated mineral deposits

TELLUR offers, in one package, geophysical and geochemical surveys for grassroots to resource delineation projects

TELLUR helps to:

  • cut costs
  • increase productivity
  • minimize risks

Our Clients in Russia and abroad

For last years, among our customers of exploration works for precious and base metals in different territories of Russian Federation, mainly in Eastern Siberia and North-Western Russia, have been well-known Russian companies MMC Norilsk Nickel, Severstal-Resources, Nordgold, Polymetal International PLC, Mangazeya Mining, Zapadnaya Gold Mining Ltd, and others.

Abroad Russia, we performed mineral exploration under contracts with Pana (a subsidiary of Barrick Gold), BHP-Minerals (now BHP-Billiton), "Volcan Compania Minera S.A.A.", "Hochschild Mining PLC", "Pan American Silver Peru S.A.C.", "Baya SRL", "IDG", "AmLib United Minerals", Alfa Prospecting and Mining Company Pty Ltd, Compania Guatemalteca de Niquel, Vallex Group, Ramani Investment Ltd and other mining companies.

Geochemical, geological and geophysical projects performed by the Tellur Group of Companies during 2007-2018

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The innovative technologies that we updated or developed allow us to:

  • Narrow geophysical anomalies
  • Support geophysical anomalies with geochemical signals
  • Reduce project times
  • Refine targets
  • Evaluate an area for exploration potential
  • Perform indoor re-interpretation of available information
  • Evaluate resources potential on greenfield stage

Exploration techniques we usually apply

  • Topographic works (positioning of lines and points on the ground for geophysical and other methods of surveying)

  • Surficial magnetic survey aimed at solving structural and mapping tasks such as delineation of intrusive bodies, boundaries of rock units, faults, etc.

  • Surfacial electrical prospecting by means of the Induced Polarization (IP) method aimed at revelation and delineation (on the surface and to the depth) zones with increased content of sulfides, including both massive and disseminated sulfides

  • Electrical IP soundings and tomography aimed at sharpening positions and geometries of predicted mineralized zones and ore bodies

  • Geochemical exploration with sampling stream sediments, soils and rocks, within the whole territory or within local zones with geophysical anomalies

  • Geological prospecting (mainly within zones with geophysical and/or geochemical anomalies as a geological support to geophysical and geochemical exploration)

  • Treatment and complex interpretation of the geophysical, geochemical, andgeological data, with final representation of results as geophysical and geochemical maps, geomagnetic and geoelectrical 2D cross-sections, and, if possible, 3D models. Finally, the predictive map of mineral deposits is prepared to show location of forecasted ores, and recommendations for positioning drill holes, pits and trenches are given

Our technologies include

advanced geophysical, geochemical and geological techniques in mineral exploration which have been especially designed for searching mineral deposits that are difficult to discover, including

  • weakly differentiated in geophysical fields
  • small linear sizes
  • deep setting
  • low content of disseminated sulfides

Therefore, such mineral deposits are difficult to detect by means of routine geophysical, geochemical and geological techniques.

In addition to field surveys that we conduct in different countries, our specialists are experienced in

  • indoor sophisticated analysis
  • re-interpretation of available geological, geophysical and geochemical information

on mineral prospects or licensed areas obtained in previous studies. Investigations of this kind enable, in many cases, preliminary estimations of prospects and/or areas, including estimations of exploration potential or inferred mineral resources.

Our technologies are based on

  • New capabilities in the application of IP survey data (time-domain induced polarization method) with the use of new high-precision measuring equipment and software developed by our specialists

  • Up-to-date application of the geochemical and geoelectrochemical methods

  • Integrated techniques for simultaneous interpretation of all available geophysical, geochemical and geological information in 2D and 3D models

  • Advanced methods of preliminary mineral resources estimation based on dispersal train and dispersal pattern parameters

Depending on problems being solved, these methods can be supplemented by:

  • algorithms of aerial photographs and satellite slides decoding and interpretation with the use of original mathematical software and application of structural-lineament analysis;
  • geological exploration with field observations and rock sampling;
  • other methods of mineral exploration.

Other areas of our activities

  • Geophysical investigations aimed at solving problems of hydrogeology and geological engineering (in mining or urban areas);
  • Environmental geochemical surveying and monitoring aimed at estimation of environmental pollution with heavy metals and other toxic components.

Although the principal area of our activities is exploration for mineral deposits, we can provide some of geochemical and geophysical services for prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields. Besides of that, we have business links to our partners carrying out prospecting for oil and gas with the use of geochemical and non-seismic geophysical techniques.

In TELLUR, advanced developments of technologies of geophysical, geochemical and geological exploration are in progress!

We are ready for cooperation with mining companies in Russia and over the world.

To those who would like to know more about TELLUR, we can present more information under request.